What to look for when choosing a senior living community … Today’s seniors have more lifestyle choices than any other generation in history! When choosing the senior living lifestyle that’s best for a loved one, there are many factors to consider, including present and future needs, location, personal preferences and finances. The following four considerations should be top priority:

  • The reputation, commitment and financial stability of the community or organization
  • The type of living accommodations offered
  • The scope of services offered
  • The types of amenities available, including health services

Senior living moving tips

  1. Do your research. Gather information on the types of services and living arrangements available in your area.
  2. Don’t wait until there is an emergency. Start the conversation about what your loved one needs and desires in retirement living now. Waiting until there is a crisis makes really tough decisions very stressful and more difficult.
  3. Talk to people you trust. Make sure to include siblings or other family members who will be helping in the transition from home to retirement living in the decision-making process.
  4. Senior living today is different – and better. Retirement living has changed over the years to fit the needs and wants of today’s seniors. Know what the communities you are considering offer and how they fit your family’s specific needs.
  5. Examine concerns. Share concerns about a loved one’s safety and well-being. Be sure to listen to your loved one’s concerns about making a move.
  6. Make a plan. Consider location, community type, levels of care, quality of care and finances. Make plans to tour communities to help determine the best living options your personal situation.

Changes in loved ones

Changes in your loved one’s needs may signal change is necessary . . . for health. For happiness . . . and for peace of mind.

  • Safety: More difficulty getting around? Trouble with carrying laundry or navigating stairs?
  • Nutrition: Less interest in meal preparation? Weight loss? Poor eating habits?
  • Socialization: Friends visiting less? Isolated? Lonely? Depressed?
  • Forgetfulness: Forgetting appointments or medication? Failing to lock the door?
  • Appearance: Lack of grooming? Problems bathing or doing laundry?
  • Home maintenance: House or yard untidy? Papers or trash stacking up?
  • Accidents: More difficulty getting around? Falls? Balance issues? Mobility issues?
  • Transportation: Driving skills declining? Lack of transportation?