March 10, 2020

Dear Coworker,

As you are aware, the Coronavirus has been a priority topic in the news. Starting with the initial outbreak in China and then quickly extending to the rest of the world, it has sparked great concern among everyone, particularly the medical community and those who serve seniors, as this population seems to be most vulnerable to the virus.

Here at Agemark, we are taking this situation seriously and have been putting together proactive plans to protect our residents, staff and families. We are following CDC and state health guidelines as well as implementing increased infection control protocol in our communities. This includes emphasizing proper handwashing, disinfecting our communities, limiting resident outings, limiting guests inside our communities and more. As additional information about this virus becomes known we will adjust our approach as needed to best protect ourselves and the residents in our communities.

Equally important to being proactive and prepared is the importance of staying calm. The media seems to be sensationalizing this situation, which has triggered a sense of panic. Our most important resources are our intelligence and ability to keep from overreacting. We can do our part by being the calm to this storm. Events like this are not new to us. The Coronavirus symptoms and communicability seem to be very similar to the flu. Every year, we prepare for the flu and overcome it. So too will we overcome Coronavirus.

Thank you for working with us to be diligent in protecting and caring for our people as well as maintaining our composure during this time. If you have questions or concerns, I encourage you to speak to your Director of Operations or Terri Jo Goldsmith, Corporate Nurse.


Marty Hug