March 16, 2020

Dear Family Member,

At Agemark we make it a top priority to communicate with our residents, staff and families. You have probably recently received emails, phone calls, and Facebook or website notices communicating our response to the Coronavirus situation. It’s in the spirit of communication that I’m writing this letter.

For weeks we have been diligently building a comprehensive plan to address and prevent the spread of Coronavirus. It is a robust, multi-faceted plan, with policies and procedures that have already been implemented in our communities. We are confident that what we have developed will enable us to successfully confront this challenge, even as the situation or needs change. Our team members are experienced, skilled and prepared to act quickly and adapt as needed.

Our focus through all of this has and will continue to be providing for the safety, security and health of those we love and care for. As you know, we recently made the choice to restrict visitors in all Agemark communities, including visits from family members (unless their loved one is on hospice or other end-of­life care).

This was a very difficult decision and one that was not made lightly or in haste. We understand the inconvenience, disappointment and pain this decision may cause. Like you, many of us at Agemark have family members who live in our communities and are also affected by this. Please accept our apology and understand we would not have taken this step if we didn’t feel it was warranted and the best way to protect our people. I appreciate all the supportive calls and emails we’ve already received regarding this restriction. It is our hope it will be short-lived, and that visitors and families will be allowed back into our buildings soon.

We will be sending weekly updates to keep you informed about any changes and the progress we’re making in dealing with the COVID 19 situation. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact your Community Director or Wellness Director should you have questions or concerns. I’m also happy to answer your questions and hear your concerns or suggestions. I can be reached at or 402-469-0750.


Marty Hug

COO, Agemark