What’s most important to us?

Treating people like family …

It’s the heart of the Agemark philosophy

When Agemark first began its senior living journey in 1987, our founders asked themselves, “what kind of company do we want to be? What’s most important?” The answer was easy. Treat people – all people – as though they were family members. And with that simple pledge, Agemark Senior Living was born.

Now, Agemark Senior Living is a respected organization with over three decades of experience in senior living development and management. Wherever Agemark goes, it creates communities where seniors enjoy a true sense of purpose by leading happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Known for successfully turning the traditional concept of senior living facilities into warm, welcoming family homes that empower seniors to thrive, Agemark is driven by a passion for ensuring residents have the exceptional personalized care and enriching services they need to live a full, engaging and joyful life – whatever their health needs may be.

What makes us tick?


Family is at the center of everything we do. As a family-owned and operated organization, we believe people heal, grow and thrive when they feel like they are part of a loving family. So, at Agemark, we treat people like family. From residents and families to staff, everyone is considered family at Agemark. This unique culture is felt in all Agemark communities. Walk into any one to experience a warm, loving and caring atmosphere. See staff laughing and sharing with residents. See families enjoying meals with staff. Watch grandchildren bring renewed energy and life.


Agemark has successfully developed and managed 50 senior living communities in 13 states. Currently, the Agemark network includes 26 communities spanning six states. At Agemark, we don’t believe in growth for the sake of growth. We expand into communities where our services and unique approach to life can have a deep and positive impact on the way people live.


As pioneers in the senior living industry, we apply our multifaceted expertise and capacity to think differently to create life-enhancing programs and opportunities for seniors, their families and our staff. Our signature LifeCycles program provides the framework for helping residents live as fully as possible within the four dimensions of wellness: intellectual, physical, spiritual and social. Built on a curriculum of the experiences we all have in common, LifeCycles impacts every part of daily life at Agemark. It transcends boundaries, challenges stereotypes and creates meaningful connections between people of all ages. 


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A story of joy

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