The Agemark culture

Treating people like family is our core philosophy. While many organizations may say this, it’s different at Agemark because each day, our entire team works tirelessly to ensure life at an Agemark community is filled with opportunities for daily joy and fulfillment.

For residents, joy may mean attending a professional baseball game for the first time, renewing wedding vows 60 years later or hosting an impromptu comedy jam session on any given Saturday night.

For employees, it may mean taking a resident on a special outing or knowing they work for an organization that can help them through unforeseen financial hardships via the Agemark Heart2Hand Assistance Program.

At Agemark, there is no separation between job and life. Residents are part of our staff’s life and vice versa – and we like it that way. Our commitment to this family-centric philosophy guides and supports the work we do each day, creating a true culture of respect, pride and satisfaction.

The resident-family-caregiver connection

Agemark residents, families and staff share together, celebrate together, mourn together and support each other. If a staff member has a new baby, our residents are there to meet the newest family member. When a resident has a goal they have yet to achieve, we help them achieve it. When a student team member graduates from high school, we celebrate together – just like a close-knit family. After all, Agemark is a family business – and it shows.

We believe it’s these close relationships that motivate staff to provide truly personalized care, creating an environment people want to be part of. It’s these meaningful connections that make Agemark who we are and what we’re all about.

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