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Medication Aide Day Shift or Evening Shift Full time or Part Time

United States Meriwether - La Vista NE 68128
​Meriwether in LaVista, NE is looking for Full time Med Aide on day shift or Evening Shift. We are also looking for both full time or part time workers. We are an Agemark Senior Living community, ranked #10 with Great Places to Work.In this Med Aide position, you'll be responsible for providing medication to residents and following procedures and statutes regarding dispensing medication, recording and observing for side effects. You’ll be working with the elderly and helping to oversee nursing services.  In the full time position you will receive Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, profit sharing bonus, PTO accrued on day one, tuition reimbursement, hotel discounts, legal planning services, weight loss coaches and free meals are what Agemark offers as we value you as an employee and treat you like family! We also subscribe to where you can get 20-60% off 100,000 items such as tickets, restaurants, sporting events, and local deals. Work to create an environment you would want for YOUR own loved one!  
We're more than a company. We're a family.
You hear it everywhere - companies describing themselves as a family. But families are all different, and so is the way they look at work and life. This is what makes us the best kind of family. ​We recognize each person's talents, skills and personality and bring that into their position. We encourage people to become the best they can be and hold them to high standards. That's because we believe in them, and their success. These family ties, so to speak, are part of every decision we make as a company.
We don't just work together - we laugh, eat and learn together as a staff and with our residents! We believe that every day can be a good one, for both employees and residents. Dedicated to this philosophy for more than 30 years, we've learned that the secret to everything - working, celebrating and even getting through the tough stuff - is doing it with love.
By working to create the kind of community we would want for our own loved ones, where warmth, love and respect are abundant, we also create a unique, positive and caring workplace. Feeling valuable, special and loved isn't just a goal for our residents. It's how we want everyone to experience our community.

Med Aide on day shift  or evening shift position details
  • Provide medications for another person according to the Five Rights.
  • Record medication provision.
  • Observe, monitor, report, and otherwise take appropriate actions regarding desired side effects, interactions and contraindications associated with the medication.
  • Dispense oral, including sublingual, buccal, oral sprays, inhalation, including inhalers, nebulizers and oxygen inhalation, topical application of sprays, creams, ointments, lotions and patches, instillation by drops, ointments, or sprays into the eyes, ears, and nose.
  • Assist residents with activities of daily living as outlined in the resident service plan and within the parameters of State and Federal regulations.
  • Display willingness to be instructed regarding agency policy and procedures for medication administration, and evaluated regarding routine medication administration, PRN medication administration, and additional activities by a licensed health care professional.
  • Timely reporting to the licensed health care professional with any questions about resident’s medication or health
  • Full time or part time work on day or evening shift
Med Aide on day shift or evening shift knowledge, skills, abilities and requirements
  • Knowledge of medication, dosage and terminology.
  • Proven track record of integrity along with being detailed and accurate
  • Excellent verbal/written communication and problem solving skills.
  • Proficient computer skills.
  • Maintain confidentiality pertaining to residents, prospective residents, facility operations and personnel.
  • Work independently and/or interact with team members at all levels and promote teamwork.
  • Prioritize, multi-task, and maintain flexibility in a fast paced, service oriented, environment.
  • 40 hour medication course or higher education required. Passed Medication Tech Test. 
  • Listed on Medication Tech Registry.
  • Minimum of 1 year working in health care environment preferred.
Competency assessment of Medication Aide must be conducted by a licensed health care professional in the following areas:
  • Understand the resident’s right to privacy regarding health status, diagnosis, and medication therapy.
  • Awareness of resident to make informed decision about medications, to refuse medications, and at no time to be forced to take medications. If a resident is unable to make informed decisions about medication, recognize the requirement to seek advice and consultation of the caretaker or licensed heath care professional providing direction to and monitoring of the Mediation Tech.
  • Pursue acceptable standards of hygiene and infection control, including hand washing along with storage and handling of medications, expiration dates and disposal of medications.
  • Mindful of conditions that medications may be unsafe to provide:  Change in consistency of color, unlabeled medications, illegible medication label, or expired medications.
  • Accurately document medication name, dose, route, time or refusal.
  • Provide correct mediation, dose, time, resident, and route with accuracy. 
  • Administer medications according to special needs based on resident’s age and ability to swallow and/or cooperate.
  • Recognize general conditions that may indicate an adverse reaction to medication; recognize general changes in resident’s condition which may indicate inability to receive medication; and report such conditions or changes to licensed health care professional.
  • Communicate to appropriate authorities if reasonable cause exists to believe that a vulnerable adult/child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, or conditions or circumstances which would result in abuse or neglect.
  • Cognizant of the resident’s property rights and physical boundaries.
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