We work to earn a living, but we also work to make a difference. If you’re looking for a workplace that feels like family, you’ve found it.

All Jobs Matter at Agemark

It takes kind, compassionate hearts and dedicated employees in a wide variety of jobs to ensure our residents feel at home, cared about and fulfilled. That’s why every position in an Agemark community is important. Whether you’re the director of a community or a caregiver, a cook or the CEO, you’ll feel valued. We know it takes each employee in the company to ensure we’re meeting the most important goal of all: making our residents feel like family.

What is a CNA
What is a CNA? What is a caregiver? The job duties are the same! At Agemark, all positions that work with residents are considered caregivers. Their most important responsibility: to help us ensure each resident, each day, knows they are safe, secure, listened to and loved!
About Caregiving Careers

Caregivers are vital members of our team and are at the very heart of what we do in all Agemark communities. Along with others in an assisted living or memory care community, including med aides, nurses and those who work in activities and programming, caregivers are part of a team that provides our residents with the support they need to do the things they enjoy doing and enjoy their days.

At Agemark, we consider everyone who is part of this team, and who provides care to residents, as a kind of caregiver. Other job titles may come with varying job duties, but caregiving is something everyone does!

Caregivers & CNAs

Caregiver responsibilities and job duties center around providing the support that each resident needs. This includes helping with the activities of daily life (ADLs) such as bathing and dressing, cleaning and laundry and escorting residents to help them safely go where they’d like to within the community. It can also include taking residents to appointments outside of the community.

Most of all, as the job title suggests, caregivers show our residents that they are cared about. They encourage them, talk with them and share moments of joy with them. Our first commitment as a company is to treat people like family and ensure our residents feel at home.

If you’re new to caregiving careers you may be asking, “What is a CNA, and is it different than a caregiver?” Good question! CNA and caregiver are one in the same position at Agemark. They have the same caregiver responsibilities and duties. While a few states in the U.S. require someone in this role to have a CNA certification, most do not.

Med Aides (aka Med Techs)

Med aides and med techs have the same job duties and description. In most states, this position is called a medication aide. In others, this position is referred to as a medication tech. A med aide/med tech has special training and certification that allows them to provide medications to residents.

They are responsible to ensure medications are in line with orders from the resident’s healthcare provider and to document all medication that is provided. Along with the nurse, they also monitor residents and check for any issues with or side effects of medications.

Like others who work directly with residents, med aides also provide encouragement, support and help residents feel like family in Agemark communities.

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