Help us protect employees and residents by making fabric masks.

If you can make masks for an Agemark Senior Living
Community, please follow this tutorial.

Additional Requests:

  • Please use tightly-woven cotton fabric
    (2 pieces; 9 inches x 6 inches).
  • Use elastic, which will go around the ear
    (2 pieces; 7 inches each; preferably 1/4 inches or 3/8 inches width).
  • If elastic is not available, please create and adhere fabric ties at each corner, each tie should be 18 inches long. If you cannot make ties, 4 clean, flat shoelaces can be substituted and adhered to each corner.
  • Optional: Use interfacing
    (1 piece; 8 inches x 5 inches).

Masks can be mailed to:

Stacy Glock
Agemark Senior Living
3703 N. 200th Street
Elkhorn, NE 68022

Questions can be directed to or 1-800-449-5526.

*We are aware that fabric masks are not proven to stop or contain the spread of Coronavirus. However, in the absence of medical-grade personal protective equipment, which nearly all health providers are struggling to attain currently, recommendations advise that fabric masks are better than nothing while we are waiting for more quantities of medical-grade supplies to arrive.