Agemark lifestyles

Across the Agemark spectrum of communities, we offer assisted living and memory care services unlike any other you’ll find. Our communities and lifestyles are the very opposite of cookie-cutter. However, there is one thing all Agemark communities have in common: whether a person needs supportive assisted living or engaging memory care, we create opportunities for our residents, our families and our staff.

Of course, we offer delicious dining three times a day. Yes, our communities are beautiful. Yes, we have convenient services and amenities. But that’s what you expect. At Agemark, we go well beyond expectations and make our communities truly feel like large, welcoming family homes.

What truly sets us apart is the fact that treating residents like family is the heart of what we do. These aren’t merely words to us. It’s a promise. We are a family business, so when residents come to our communities, they are joining our family.

Like a family, we know what matters to our residents. We find out the things they thought they would never be able to do – and we make them happen. Just because a person needs support and assistance doesn’t mean they can’t live a full, connected and meaningful life. So that’s what we give them at Agemark – a full, connected and meaningful life where each day is full of joy.

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It takes a community.

It takes a village to raise a child is an African proverb meaning it takes a community of different people interacting with children for children to grow and thrive in a safe environment. The same can be true for seniors. No matter what lifestyle is required, at Agemark, everyone plays an active role in ensuring each resident thrives – caregivers, family members, people living and working in the community, local children, local businesses and schools.

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