Vibrant assisted living

Offering nurturing support and assistance, assisted living at an Agemark community means the best of all worlds for both seniors and their families. Our residents enjoy an active, engaging lifestyle that promotes independence, a host of services and amenities and peace of mind with 24-hour care and support.

From assistance with daily tasks to gentle medication reminders, our friendly, respectful team members customize care plans and daily activities based on each resident’s lifestyle and preferences.

But that isn’t what makes our assisted living lifestyle so special. At Agemark communities, our lifestyle philosophy is based on three concepts:

Provide a natural approach to whole-person care where people feel at home

Honor the uniqueness and potential of every person

Create a real feeling of family

Here’s how we put that philosophy into action:

Respect – and honor personal preferences, routines and interests.

LifeCycles — every part of life focuses on the four elements of whole-person wellness.

Connect – residents remain connected to the community and to the people who matter most to them. We don’t separate residents from society; we do everything we can to keep them connected.

Activities – create activities that inspire joy – we focus on family engagement, incorporating “normal” things into everyday life. Our goal is to create a true sense of family, where cherished traditions continue and are celebrated.

Team – we hire friendly, loving people who draw inspiration from residents. Our team knows the difference between caring for and caring about someone … our employees say they come for the paycheck, but stay for the love.

Volunteer – offer a variety of volunteer programs to inspire meaning and fulfillment.

Involvement – promote strong involvement with families, as well as local school groups and organizations.

At Agemark, we believe life is a journey, and as long as you’re on that journey, there’s room to grow, to learn, to enjoy. This is our approach to daily life – and as a result, our residents thrive.

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From our annual Family Traditions events to our monthly coffee clubs, our residents’ family members are always seen in our communities and are a partner in ensuring their loved one’s live life to the fullest. Our state-of-the-art communication software makes it easy for even long-distance families to be involved in care. We also offer a full range of support for families, including regular support groups and educational programs.