Our defining difference: LifeCycles

Agemark’s exclusive approach to wellness – and to life.

LifeCycles is Agemark’s exclusive wellness program. It embodies the Agemark mission, philosophy and core values and provides a framework for helping seniors live as fully as possible within the four dimensions of wellness: spiritual, social, physical and intellectual. Our signature wellness program also recognizes the higher needs everyone shares:

  • To feel valued and a sense of belonging
  • To make decisions about our own lives
  • To find meaning and purpose

LifeCycles stems from a core belief that seniors should be connected to the outside community, not separated from it. At Agemark, we don’t believe it’s the size or the beauty of the living space that enhances life, it’s the quality of the experiences offered within.

LifeCycles: the name

Life is a circle, a big wheel that turns in a never-ending cycle, connecting all ages through its universal experiences. LifeCycles integrates these experiences in a whole-person wellness initiative designed to keep residents centered, balanced and moving forward on their journeys. It’s a lifestyle that promotes successful aging, a challenge to old stereotypes and a positive outlook that embodies our core values.



Enjoying a meaningful and purposeful spiritual life is vital to maintaining feelings of well-being and connections to those around us. Whether through individual or group faith-based activities, focused exercise, enjoying nature or personal meditation and reflection, residents have the support and guidance they need to sustain spiritual wellness. Spiritual wellness is demonstrated in family support programs:

  • Legacy
  • Community service programs
  • Wish list programs
  • Meditation
  • Worship
  • Music classes
  • Reminiscing
  • Visits with pets and children

We believe treating people like family is the best way to create a loving, supportive community … We help residents build community through meaningful social activities that promote a sense of friendship, camaraderie and belonging. Social wellness programs include:

  • Random acts of kindness
  • Intergenerational programming
  • Group excursions
  • Celebrations
  • Social activities and events

Physical wellness includes achieving or maintaining a healthy body through sound nutrition, regular exercise and healthy living habits. Our amenities and programs make it easy for residents to stay fully engaged in life and to pursue healthy, active lifestyles – whatever their abilities may be. Our physical wellness program encompasses:

  • Walking
  • Flexibility programs
  • Prescriptive exercise
  • Strengthening classes
  • Fresh air activities
  • Oversight and prevention
  • Stress management
  • Good nutrition

A mind that continues to learn is a healthy one. It’s why intellectual wellness thrives on regular participation in creative and educational activities. Art, crafts, music, discussions with friends, reading, engaging in new activities … these are all ways our lifestyle keeps the mind alert, focused, robust and resilient. Our mentally stimulating activities include:

  • Challenging games
  • Puzzles
  • Craft projects
  • Writing
  • Reading and discussion groups
  • Educational opportunities – both teaching and learning
  • Discovery experiences
  • Attending plays, exhibits, concerts and other community events

A 52-week program

Built on a program of the experiences we all have in common, LifeCycles transcends boundaries, challenges stereotypes and creates meaningful connections between people of all ages. Our communities have 52 weeks of suggested themes, ideas and events that can be personalized to create opportunities for residents.

Themes can be shuffled, events can be planned based on what’s happening in the local communities, and activities can be adjusted based on interests and abilities. Residents are also very active in program planning.

The LifeCycles difference

Our Lifecycles wellness program is truly Agemark’s defining difference. At its core is a belief that quality of life is the moral and practical goal for every person, no matter what their state of health. Even those living with memory loss can live a meaningful and connected life. LifeCycles helps us discover just what it takes to ensure they do.

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Our staff

Housekeepers, caregivers, directors, nurses … it doesn’t matter what position they hold, all staff members are engaged with residents and eagerly participate in resident activities – their family members do, too! When an employee’s child has a ball game or recital, it’s also an event for residents. When a resident is celebrating a birthday, staff family members are often right there to celebrate!